Cancer, the big bad wolf, is scary especially for children.

What’s even scarier?

A misguided taboo surrounded by a lack of awareness of this big scary disease.
Most parents are clueless about the symptoms, not knowing that early detection is vital to prevention.

Which is why Nursery Signs exists, a series of re-written nursery rhymes designed to educate adults and children about the basic symptoms of childhood cancer in the most friendly and effortless manner possible.

Through Nursery Signs, we hope to unmask the fear and taboo associated with cancer and save lives in the process.

Swelly Moon
Swelly Moon
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Young MacDonald had a headache,
Ee Ouch, Ee Ouch, Ohhh.

And his skin was pale and bruised.
Ee Ouch, Ee Ouch, Ohhh.

With an ouch-ouch here.
And a bruise-bruise there.

Here an ouch, there a bruise.
Everywhere an ouch bruise.

If the pain won’t go away
See your doc today.

Mary had a little lump
Little lump, little lump.
Mary had a little lump
That didn’t hurt at all.

Suddenly her eyes would hurt.
Eyes would hurt.
Eyes would hurt.
Suddenly her eyes would hurt.
Mary felt afraid.

Mommy take her to the doc
To the doc,
to the doc,
Mommy take her to the doc
If her symptoms stay.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Swell.
How I wonder,
what you are.

Check the neck legs and tummy.
If there’s swelling tell mummy.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Swell.
If you stay the doc I’ll tell.



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C Positive is a brand and organization that supports all those facing the hardships of a cancer diagnosis. The changes one goes through are innumerable and the symptoms can get overwhelming.

Chemotherapy and radiation ages skin, making it extremely sensitive, hindering one’s daily routine. Patients also suffer from a dip in their immunity and go through lengthy periods of depression.

While some carry on with confidence and power through the several side effects of treatment, it can be very hard for others. As a result, C Positive products have been designed to empower and comfort those who need a little extra support.